About CondoExpert.SG

When it comes buying a property – be it in Singapore or anywhere else, there will be times when you don’t need another salesperson or realtor to tell you how fascinating this property is.

It’s exactly the same sentiment when you are buying a car, a phone or even picking an airline for your next travel. You will want to know not just the pros, but also the cons and the drawbacks in order to help you to make an informed decision – especially when buying a property is one of the biggest decisions which you have to make in your life.

Tell me if I am wrong but whenever you walk into a showflat or a property listing, almost 9 out of 10 realtors will tell the nicest things; paint you the most beautiful, and miss out/avoid the downsides of the property.

But honestly, it’s not their fault!

As a property buyer or seller, you should be well aware of the value of the property and be very clear about the current market situation. The realtor/salesperson’s job is to sell and not trying to convince you not to buy what he/she is offering.

And of course my job is to sell as well, but I do it with a heart and that’s why CondoExpert.SG was created.

Despite being a professional realtor or a.k.a salesperson myself, I have always been true to my clients and friends by offering my most unbiased and no B.S thoughts when it comes to buying or selling a property.

Just like investing in stocks, I don’t believe in entering blindly without evaluating the potential risks and having a contingency plan. The same principle applies in real estate as well.

At CondoExpert Singapore, we focus mainly on offering true bits of advice on various Singapore condo projects which are currently the talk of the town and also provide Singapore property news, insights and advice to all home buyers and owners out there.