Sir James Dyson snaps up Good Class Bungalow along Cluny Road

The bungalow includes 6 bedrooms, a personal wine cellar, gym and a roof garden - facing Singapore Botanic Gardens


After the headline-grabbing purchase of the super penthouse at Wallich Residence, British billionaire Sir James Dyson has acquired his second property at 50 Cluny Road in Singapore.

It is a modern bungalow situated within the upscale precinct along Cluny Road and the purchase price is believed to more than $41 million (SGD).

The land area where the bungalow is located spans across 15,099.7 square feet.

It was noted that Sir James Dyson would have also coughed up an additional 15 percent of Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) as a Singaporean PR purchasing his second property in Singapore.

In Singapore, there are 39 Good Class Bungalow (GBC) areas which are gazetted and bungalows in these areas are known as the most prestigious type of landed homes.

Sir James Dyson, who is a British citizen and permanent resident (PR) of Singapore has been granted approval by the Controller of Housing (CoH) to buy this landed property in Singapore along Cluny Road.

Under Singapore’s landed housing rules, it’s almost impossible for non-Singaporeans to purchase a landed property unless the person has made significant and notable economic contributions to the nation.

In addition, the acquired property shall only be used for his/her own use or occupation.